Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler

The Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler is a tool that will help owners to visually access whether their horses are at risk for many problems.

What is Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler?

Farrier School Tucson AzGoode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler gives you measurements of the medial/lateral (side to side) balance. Medial/lateral balance refers to the relationship between the inside heel and outside heel of the hoof. This tool measures the possible discrepancies that could occur during the shoeing of their horses’ hooves, such as medial/lateral balance and whether the hoof is longer or slanted on one side or the other. The owner’s attention to the health of this horse’s feet, using The Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler would ensure that the horse’s hooves continue to be healthy, comfortable and free of problems. The Equine Leveler has a slide ruler with stop to measure the feet. The carpenter bubble is an added feature of the Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler.

Why should I use Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler?

Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler will allows horseowners and ferriers to keep their horse’s feet in optimum condition. Balancing the hooves at every shoeing allows you to see growth and shoe only as often as needed to keep your horse’s feet healthy. This instrument will ensure a proper shoeing and ongoing hoof health. The Equine Leveler will monitor for changes between shoeings and provide you with complete information to document those changes for a comprehensive hoof health history.

Main functions for Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler:

  1. Provide safe and accurate visual measurements
  2. Protect and prevent incorrect shoeing
  3. Maintains and ensures high quality hooves

Description of different measurements of the Goode’s Dynamic Equine Leveler:

  1. Width of feet
  2. Toe length of feet
  3. Heel length of feet
  4. Medial/lateral balance (side to side)
  5. Sheared heels

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