Farrier Career and Training

Career Benefits of Horseshoeing

If you are looking for career which can create a sustainable income, a Farrier is a great opportunity. Benefits include increased self confidence, flexible hours and working outdoors with animals that you love!

A farrier trims horses feet to put them back in correct balance. They also apply horseshoes as needed and some farriers do corrective or therapeutic shoeing. At Tucson School of Horseshoeing we offer two, four, six, eight and twelve week courses to meet everyone’s needs.

farrier-careerLets talk about money, but remember, you have to like the work you do and do it well. The old saying is, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Do as well on a $300 horse as you would on a $5,000 horse and the money will start to come.

What It Takes To Become A Shoer

Physical Condition
Most of our students are in fairly good shape, considering that they have not done any horseshoeing before. We don’t know of any exercise you can do to prepare yourself for shoeing. Most students legs and backs get sore for about a week, but then there are no more problems.

First of all, you need a fondness of horses. You must also like to work with your hands and to be outdoors. All of your work will most likely be outdoors.

Patients and even temperament are essential in handling horses. You need patience when a horse is not cooperating with you. You need patience to find out what is wrong with the horse.

farrierEven temperament means not striking the horse with your hammer or rasp when he will not let you shoe him, but keeping a cool head and using some sort of restraint like a twich, war bridle, or side line. Remember, 95% of horses are good to shoe, 5% are bad. Much more can be accomplished with gentle persuasion and kindness towards the animal than with abusive treatment.

After 12 weeks of training at the Tucson School of horseshoeing, you can expect to earn $200 to $450 a day working with horses.

Is Tucson School of Horseshoeing The Right Trade School For You?

We are very proud when students choose to attend our horseshoeing school. We work on the premise that you trust us to give you full value for the time and money you are spending to attend Tucson School of Horseshoeing.

The highly concentrated horseshoeing courses taught at this school deal exclusively with farriery and some blacksmith work. We do not try to cover veterinary medicine, be we make certain that you are well versed in the anatomy of the horses legs and feet. If you are serious and apply yourself, you can learn every phase of the farrier’s art in the time allotted. You will also learn the practical side of starting your own business.

We want only serious students to enroll with us. Farriery at its best must be your goal. We do not tolerate horseplay. Serious horseshoeing in all its phases will occupy the time you spend with us.
What You Should Know About Horseshoeing

Let’s get down to the facts. To be honest, horseshoeing is not easy work. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Am I sincere about starting a business?
Do I like horses?
Do I like to work with my hands?
Do I like to be outside?
Am I just thinking about big money to be made in horseshoeing?