12 Week Farrier Course

LENGTH: 3 MONTHS (480 hours of instruction)
TUITION & SUPPLIES: $13,625.00 (includes classes, tools, books and bunkhouse)
CLASS DATES: A new class begins every Monday View Schedule
SCHEDULE: Monday though Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This twelve week horseshoeing course is intended for the person who is interested in pursuing a career in horseshoeing. This course will teach you everything you can learn in horseshoeing school. Graduating from this course you will have the you with the technical and business skills to start and run a successful farrier business.

Course Outline:
Curriculum is same as eight week course with the following Course outline Enrollment Orientation. Issue basic tools, Assign forges and anvils. Students are taught how to start fires and how to bend and shape shoes. Students are given help, by the instructor any time during the course with any problems they might have utilizing the forge. They are taught how to punch nail holes in the shoes. Students are shown various videos concerning basic fundamentals of horse shoeing, common hoof problems, therapeutic shoeing and corrective shoeing.

Students also go on field trips to various Guest Ranches to shoe horses. Students are required to hand make the following shoes (4) front shoe, (8) crossfire shoe, (6) block toe shoe with side clips, (6) bar shoe, (8)half round shoe, (8) half wedge/half round shoe, (8) full wedge shoe, (8) saddlebred shoe, (12) walking Horse shoe with heels, (14) rolled toe, toe weight shoe, (15) lateral extension shoe, (10) sliding plates, (10) toes clip and outside trailer calk and (10)

Written test for advanced farrier certification for the  Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association (BWFA) will be given at the request of the student upon completion of the course. After passing the tests, the student can apply for membership with the Brotherhood of Working Farriers for a fee of $85.00 and a picture.

Total number of hours in course: 480

  • Examination and theory: 10 hours
  • Lecture and forge work: 50 hours
  • Shoeing and field work: 420 hours

3 Month Course Cost: $13,625.00

Tuition Tools and Books Bunkhouse
$12,700.00 $925.00 view list $0.00