2 Week Farrier Course

LENGTH: 2 WEEKS (80 hours of instruction)
TUITION & SUPPLIES: $3625.00 (includes classes, tools, books and bunkhouse)
CLASS DATES: A new class begins every Monday View Schedule
SCHEDULE: Monday though Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our 2 week farrier course is designed as an introduction to horseshoeing and is perfect for the hobbyist or person who wants to shoe his or her own horses.

Instruction includes:

  • Shoeing the hoof
  • Trimming
  • Forge work
  • Field work
  • Hands-on experience with horses, draft horses and mules

Course Outline:
Students are taught how to bend and shape shoes and to operate gas forges. Videos are used for proper demonstration of mule and horse shoeing, and includes safety procedures. Instruction includes field trips to various stables and shoeing of privately owned horses. The course covers, (1) Front shoe/back shoe, (2) Rocker toe,  (3) Swedge blocks, and (4) Natural balance shoes.

Total number of hours in course: 80

  • Examination and theory: 2 hours
  • Lecture and forge work: 10 hours
  • Shoeing and field work: 68 hours

Two Week Course Cost: $3625.00

Tuition Tools and Books Bunkhouse
$2700.00 $925.00 view list $0.00