2 Week Portable Horseshoeing Course


LENGTH: 2 weeks (80 hours of instruction)
TUITION: $2700 per student
HAND TOOLS: $925 per student view list
TOTAL COST: $3625 per student
CLASS DATES: Call (520)749-5212 for available dates
SCHEDULE: Monday though Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
DESCRIPTION:This mobile course if ideal for horse owners. We provide the knowledge of correct shoeing and its importance to the health and performance or your animals. You can save hundreds or dollars each year shoeing your own horses as well as have confidence they have a strong foundation. Upon completion you will receive a certificate.

Tucson School of Horseshoeing has portable classrooms and forges to bring your location. We utilize our $150,000 portable classroom/forge trailer to educate and train you and other students how to shoe a horse.

This unit is equipped with a full classroom inside as well as six working forges for the manufacture and manipulation of the shoes you will be making. Classes are available nationwide with advance booking and deposits required just two weeks before class. Please call (520) 749-5212for information on our portable unit and classes.

Course Outline:
Students are taught how to bend and shape shoes and to operate gas forges. They will learn how to use instruments to balance horse feet. Videos are used for proper demonstration of mule and horseshoeing, and includes safety procedures. Instructions includes field trips to various stables and shoeing of privately owned horses. The course covers: front shoe/back shoe, how much to cut off horse feet, proper angle, medial/lateral balance side to side, drive nails correctly, and how to make all four feet the same length. Free shoeing for the student’s horse. $15.00 shoeing/$7 trim for outside horses.  At the end of the course, students will be proficient at shoeing a horse.

Total number of hours in course: 80

  • Examination and theory: 2 hours
  • Lecture and forge work: 10 hours
  • Shoeing and field work: 68 hours
  • Plus up to 60 hours of after hours assignments (after 5:00pm)

Please call (520) 749-5212 for information on our portable horseshoeing unit and classes.

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