6 Week Farrier Course

Shoeing a horse

LENGTH: 6 WEEKS (240 hours of instruction)
TUITION & SUPPLIES: $7,625.00 (includes classes, tools, books and bunkhouse)
CLASS DATES: A new class begins every Monday View Schedule
SCHEDULE: Monday though Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This intense 6-week program provides you with the basics for beginning a successful farrier business prepare you with what you will need to serve the horse industry.

Instruction includes:

  • The Anatomy and Physiology of the Legs and Feet
    You will learn to recognize and name the parts, and know how they work and interact with each other. You will also learn to recognize and correct problem areas.
  • Equine Conformation
    This is the way the skeleton and muscles are put together, and varies from breed to breed. You will learn to recognize and correct traveling and lameness problems where they occur.
  • Basic Blacksmithing
    This includes the use of the forge and how to build fires and get the proper heat for the type of job. You will learn the use of different types of metals, as well as forge welding and brazing of calks and garbs, as well as other techniques to enable you to do corrective shoeing.
  • Trimming, Leveling and Balancing Of The Foot
  • Normal and Corrective Shoeing
    This will include making hand tools, swedge blocks, race plates and various types of shoes for specialized uses.
  • Horse Handling
    This will give you the opportunity to learn the finer points of handling, especially colts and horses being trimmed/shod for the first time.
  • Equine Nutrition
    This will provide you with and understanding of basic horse diets to maintain health and high performance.
  • Starting Your Own Business
    This will provide you with the basics for beginning a successful farrier business

Total number of hours in course: 240

  • Examination and theory: 6 hours
  • Lecture and forge work: 22 hours
  • Shoeing and field work: 212 hours

Six Week Course Cost: $7,625.00

Tuition Tools and Books Bunkhouse
$6,700.00 $925.00 view list $0.00

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