To anyone who is thinking of becoming a good and correct farrier. I recommend the Tucson School of Horseshoeing. Mr. Goode can answer any question and show the correct way to do all of it. There are plenty of horses to shoe and they are different sizes (from Ponies to Drafts) Not only do you learn how to put shoes on, you do a lot of forge work.

If you have trouble doing forge work, by the end of the course you will have it figured out. Tucson School of Horseshoeing is a good school, and you will also have a lot of fun.

Josh Smits
Nucla, Colorado

Thank you for making me feel at home during my stay at school. The positive outlook you both have on life and horseshoeing is contagious. The education I gained there will surely point me in the right direction.

Thank again!!
Chris Hume

Hot shoeing in Tucson, Arizona. What more could I ask for? I would like to commend and thank George Goode’s school of horseshoeing for the great education in farrier work as well as in the business of horseshoeing. George also gives us a keen insight into horse behavior and customer behavior. George is a great farrier and teacher. I would also like to say that Morgan, another instructor, has taught me a lot about horses and horseshoeing.”

Thanks Guys,

Ty Guillory
Kinder, Louisiana

“While attending an eight week course at the Tucson School of Horseshoeing, I learned a great deal on the art of being a farrier. The instructor, George Goode is very knowledgeable in his field and is willing to share all he knows with his students. The one on one contact with George on a daily basis provides you with the knowledge of a Master Farrier. George Goode’s horse business knowledge is something you can’t learn from a book (real life experience).

Throughout the entire course there were as many horses as my fellow students and I could handle. In addition to the amount of horses available, there were also many different actual scenarios that we were able to review such as horses with laminitis, abscesses, lameness, etc.

My experience with the Tucson School of Horseshoeing was second to none and I would highly recommend it for your educational resource. I will assure you that George and Susie Goode will make you feel like a welcome part of their facility upon your arrival and you will receive the best education a horseshoeing school can offer you”.

Jason Theile
Howard City, Michigan

“George, Thanks again for the great class. I had a great time and it was a good two weeks spent. I think I learned alot and you covered alot of different foot problems which was a great help.”

John Carter
Parma, ID

“I chose the Tucson School of Horseshoeing only after reviewing many schools across the nation. I am a husband a parent and wanted to get the most education for my money. Many schools when asked, How many horses will I be shoeing? could not give me a definitive answer. When the same question was asked of Mr. Goode, Head instructor and Master Farrier, He stated “As many as I wanted to do.” Never being a sit around kind of guy that was the answer that I was looking for. I was under a horse on the second day. Mr. Goode and his wife Sue treat each student like family and his patient demeanor and relaxed teaching style make for an excellent learning atmosphere. I operate my own lucrative Farrier service, and think of Mr. Goode each and every time I am under a horse. I would highly recommend the Tucson School of Horseshoeing to any one seeking a career in the Farrier business or to any horse owner who wants to know more about Farrier science. Enjoy the school. I did!”

Mike Van Bibber
Journeyman Farrier
Julian, CA

“George and Suzy are great people. I recommend this school because you have the ability to get under as many horses a day as you wish and George is very helpful.”

Ken Van Horn
Salem, Oregon

“I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I took the courses at your school in December. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that what i learned at you school gave me knowledge about horseshoeing that now I’m making about $600.00 a week shoeing part-time and more people keep calling me. They really like the way you taught my how to shoe.

I use all of the things that you taught me. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help.

Yours Truly,

Joe Reynolds
Safford, Arizona

“I just wanted to send you a little note telling you of my success as a farrier. I’m still working full time as a carpenter, but last summer I was shoeing almost full time too. It made for a long summer, but the winter is a little break. I put a few borium shoes on but not many. This winter has been rough. All last week it was -30 for lows and not reaching positive numbers for high. Man are the feet hard at that temp.

The competition is quite stiff around here, but most of the shoer are poor. There is one cowboy that is helping me quite a bit. He is “the best shoer around.” He is quite good, better then me at least. He is giving me help, and clients! He’s a roper and is helping me with that too. It started my Gelding roping last summer, and I think that he is learning faster than I am. Any way, everybody seem to like me and thinks that I do good work. I have a few of the poor farriers not liking me, so I must be doing something right!… Thanks for all the knowledge.”

Cody Hofsomme