Our Commitment

Our goal is to train and educate farriers, providing them the highest level of knowledge and skill. We are proud to say that students have been choosing us to teach them horseshoeing since 1972. We offer a horseshoeing curriculum that emphasizes trimming, balancing, corrective shoeing and horse handling. Our horseshoeing courses start at 2 weeks, and extend up to 8 and 12 weeks for advanced skills in which we deal exclusively with farriery, with some blacksmith work, and combine the art and science of horseshoeing. Join us today!

Course You Will Be Taught

Anatomy of the Legs & Feet

Physiology of the Legs & Feet

Equine Conformation

Basic Blacksmithing

Trimming the Foot

Leveling & Balancing the Foot

Normal Shoeing

Corrective Shoeing

Horse Handling

Equine Nutrition

Starting Your Business

Hand Tools Supplied

1 Cutting Nippers

1 Round Hammer

2 Rasps

2 Rasp Handles

1 Pair Pull-Offs

1 Hoof Gauge

1 Pair Clinchers

2 Textbooks

1 Clinch Cutter

1 Clinch Block

1 Hoof Knife

1 Nailing Hammer

1 Apron

1 T-Square

1 Pair Dividers

1 70-lb Anvil

1 Anvil Stand

1 Pair Safety Glasses

1 Red Marker

1 Tape Measure

1 Tool Bucket

1 Bucket Jockey

Approximate cost of these items: $1000.00


Horseshoeing School

This school was founded in 1973 to make available to horsemen and horsewomen in 8 weeks’ time a trade with which they can make a good living. We have done numerous 3-day clinics throughout the United States and abroad during the past years. Join our school now to know more about us and experience the great amenities we provide.



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